Neil Francis – Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur

Rethinking positive thinking for the 21st century”

Neil Francis is the author of three books ‘The Entrepreneur’s Book’, ‘Changing Course’, and in July 2019, ‘Positive Thinking – Creating a World Full of Possibilities’ which challenges the common positive thinking philosophies that have permeated Western society for the last 75 years.

Neil has also many years’ experience as a CEO, chairman and director. He is currently the chairman of a digital agency, director of two internet companies, director of a social enterprise and a consultancy practice. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and numerous SME’s. He has founded businesses, grown them, secured external investments and for some, sold them.

Over the last 8 years, Neil has coached numerous CEO’s and entrepreneurs in both the private and the third sectors.

And, last but definitely least, he is a golf caddie!

Positive Thinking – Published July 2019 

Traditionally, the positive thinking philosophy that has permeated Western society advocates that you will achieve whatever you want purely by thinking positive thoughts. On the contrary, at its best, this practice results in success for some individuals, but overall, for the majority it does not!

This book will rethink the true meaning of positive thinking for the 21st century and show that there is more to it than we know. The essence of Neil’s book is to show how a new type of positive thinking can open yourself up to new possibilities. It is then up to each individual to decide which possibilities are achievable and realistic and therefore worth pursuing. Positive Thinking explores the ways of creating new possibilities so that you make the right decisions to live a more balanced, meaningful and contented life.

“”A refreshingly candid book that draws on an engaging personal story to discuss what drives us all and gives us a sense of worth. Being honest, I started by bracing myself for cliches and a bit of a lecture, as so many ’self-help’ books have started to look out of touch with reality. But Neil Francis has kept his thoughts and writing firmly on the ground in a way that I thoroughly enjoyed and could easily relate to.“”

Mark Beaumont
Athlete, Broadcaster, Ambassador and World Record Holder for Cycling the World

  • Publication date July 2019
  • Net £9.99
  • Format 180 x 120mm • Hardback • 128pp


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Praise for Positive Thinking

”This is a fascinating book!

Neil blends solid research and his own inspiring story to inject every page with hope, positivity and possibility. Few books are game changers – this one may well be”.

Jill Garrett – Executive Coach, Consultant and former European Managing Director of the Gallup Organization.


”This pithy, punchy, personal journey digs into the psychology of positivity and will help you find your passion and purpose”.

Professor Andrew Sharman, international consultant and author The Wellbeing Book


‘’Neil Francis manages to weave his personal experiences with existing ideas on positive thinking and well-being in an engaging text. Drawing on contemporary examples and practical advice, he offers an opportunity to use positive thinking to capitalise on the opportunities that present themselves while recognising our own capabilities.’’

David Marshall Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, University of Edinburgh Business School.


“If you’ve ever wondered what positive thinking is (and is not), this is the book to read. Neil Francis shows us how to live more meaningful, productive, fulfilling lives. The practical tips and strategies are based on sound scientific theory, not wishy-washy wishful thinking. I highly recommend it”

Dr David Gillespie, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Research Fellow

“Neil weaves together experiences from his business life, his wide-ranging reading and thinking, and inspirational life-stories from famous names and personal acquaintances. The result is an accessible, empathetic, and down-to-earth read which left me feeling good about the world – which was the whole point!”

Tim Walsh, Professor of Critical Care at the University of Edinburgh & Consultant in Critical Care, NHS Lothian


”Neil Francis has faced neurological adversity with remarkable courage, and come through on the other side. His optimism and positive attitude, combined with great determination, shine through every page of Positive Thinking, which is a fine testament to his inspirational approach to overcoming cognitive deficits.”

Robert McCrum
Associate Editor of the Observer and Author of ‘My Year Off: rediscovering life after a stroke’


“Neil’s moving story, insights and advice make this book an enjoyable and engaging read. It’s a valuable tool for anyone who is interested in personal development and achieving their full potential”.

Sally Bibb, author of The Strengths Book and founder of Engaging Minds.

The Entrepreneur’s Book 

It is a given that if you want success as an entrepreneur you need passion, creativity, spontaneity and bags of energy. Sure, you need to know how to run a business, but it is identifying and answering for yourself the crucial why questions that will lead to successful entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneur’s Book explains what these ‘why’ questions are and why they are so important?

“The Entrepreneur’s Book is a fresh take on the question, ‘What makes a successful entrepreneur?’ Neil writes with honesty, humour and humanity about how his recovery from a life-threatening illness led him to a host of entrepreneurs and businesspeople and their experiences of successes (and sometimes failure!).”

Sir Tom Shebbeare, Chairman, Virgin Start Up

“The Entrepreneur’s Book is a refreshing, stimulating, thoughtprovoking and enjoyable guide to the changing face of entrepreneurship in the 21st century.”

Professor Richard T Harrison, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Director of the Compassionate Leadership Initiative, University of Edinburgh Business School

  • Publication date September 2018
  • Net £9.99
  • Format 180 x 120mm • Hardback • 128pp


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Praise for The Entrepreneur’s Book

 ‘A series of stories, reflections and observations that add some depth and meaning to the entrepreneur journey from both a business and personal point of view.

Andrew Green – Partner Gallup

He powerful shares the wisdom and experience he has gained, in life and in business, to help this next generation of entrepreneurs succeed

Sanyin Siang CEO Coach and Author of The Launch Book

A book about entrepreneurship that gets to the heart of the matter – values, purpose, love and fear’

Amanda Hamilton, Best-selling Author, Nutritionist & Health Activist / Entrepreneur


  • Publication date September 2018
  • Net £9.99
  • Format 180 x 120mm • Hardback • 128pp


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‘It is refreshing to read a book, where the human side of the word “entrepreneur” is front and centre. All too often today’s media present us with a skewed perspective on what an entrepreneur is really all about. And it is not simply money…’

Jim Duffy MBE Co – Founder of Entrepreneurial Spark and author of ‘Create Special’

It is of no real surprise to me then that” The Entrepreneur’s Book” firmly establishes the “why” as it’s backbone, making us think beyond the norm to stretch our thinking. A fabulous uplifting read – a must for all budding, and experienced, entrepreneurs.

George Hall, Vistage Group Chairman – Scotland at Vistage UK

”Neil has a great feeling for what is relevant to entrepreneurs and making the story interesting so that the reader is genuinely engaged. Entrepreneurs in all aspects of our society become more important every day and Neil’s writing will help them improve.”

David C Watt, Executive Director – IoD Scotland

The Entrepreneur's Book Blog

Changing Course

Published 2013

‘For more than a decade, Neil Francis was a successful CEO. He grew his internet company from scratch, worked with some of the world’s top businesses. Then, at the age of 41, Neil’s world collapsed. Out of the blue, a stroke brought his business career to a sudden halt.

But Neil wasn’t beaten. To aid his recovery, he took a job as a caddie at one of Scotland’s top golf courses. And from this most unlikely of scenarios, he found remarkable insights and wisdom that, coupled with his vast business experience, will provide a sure foundation and rich support for anyone who is looking – or is forced – to change course in their life.

To anyone changing course, or starting again, with the ambition of truly enjoying what they do in every area of their life going forward, Neil delivers a gem of a routemap – perceptive, enjoyable, challenging, readable and, above all, inspiring.

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